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Paul Foster

Yorkshire rhubarb, duck hearts, fennel, wild rice

Posted on 19 Jan 2013 at 01:48

This is one of my favourite dishes, using one of my favourite ingredients Yorkshire Rhubarb. I first put it on the menu December 2011 and bought it back as soon as rhubarb was back in season. It really typifies my food style there are four main components that are celebrated for their quality and not manipulated. The duck hearts are simply cooked and served rare how they are best. The rhubarb is cooked in a 20% stock syrup very gently to retain a nice crisp texture. It is important to me that when cooking good quality rhubarb very little sugar is used so you retain the natural acidity. To compliment this dish is we shave raw fennel on it and finish with some puffed wild rice.

This dish sits perfectly in the middle of the savoury items a taster menu, I serve it as the 3rd course as it is so delicate and fresh. Duck hearts have been challenging for some customers but we have converted many people into lovers.

Good quality Rhubarb should be dark cherry red when raw, the pale pink stuff isnt grade A quality. Look for the Rhubarb from the Yorkshire triangle from December until spring.

Photos by me.