I'm launching a kickstarter campaign for a fine dining restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere - I would really appreciate your support

Paul Foster

The Risk, The Pressure, The Goal

Posted on 26 Feb 2016 at 06:30

It feels like we have been doing this Kickstarter for months and everyday the risk becomes even more real. I genuinely believe we are going to achieve this, and we can’t do it alone so thank you everyone who is still spreading the word.

I took this on because I believe that to achieve what you want and to realize your dreams you have to put yourself on the line. No one will do it for you, and why should they its your dream your life so make it happen, make a change! 

I am fortunate enough to have great family and friends that have been massively supportive throughout this Kickstarter process, and above all that a fantastic wife who has shown me endless support in my career and throughout our whole relationship. Truth be told she’s a fucking superstar whom I admire greatly in many ways. 

Not only have we put my career on the line with this Kickstarter, we are also putting our savings into it. Although the rewards are great and full of value we believe us putting money in helps to show our commitment. 

I believe we have the whole package to make this restaurant a roaring success, but the one important thing we lack is the money, hence my constant tweets and Facebook statuses about the Kickstarter (we achieve this and I PROMISE I wont bother you all on social media for a few days).

So with 10 days left to go we are naturally starting to feel the squeeze but focused fully on the next ten days and how we can maximize the coverage and pledges. The middle point did slow down which we predicted through our research, but things have started to really pick up now.  Behind the scenes I am really starting to up the anti and push through a few things but the more we can achieve now the better for everyone involved, I want to make sure the backers get there reward. 

One last thing just to clarify, no one who pledges stands the risk of losing money. Money will only be taken from your account when we are successful on March the 8th. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this