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Paul Foster

Some new dishes for the menu friday the 15th april

Posted on 14 Apr 2011 at 03:53

Four more changes to the menu at Tuddenham Mill tommorrow. I have been working on the dishes this week, and getting the opinions, feedback, and imput from the boys. I have some stunning local river trout coming on, with some Asparagus and wild garlic, both from very near by. A Pineapple dessert with pine which i pick from a local village, Some denham estate deer rump, with cauliflower and chickweed, and some Dingley Dell pork going onto the starters. Changes are listed below.....................


Pork neck carpaccio, crackling, pickled turnip, watercress


Deham estate falow deer, cauliflower, coconut, chickweed

River trout, peas, tilbrook asparagus, wild garlic, broad beans


Fennel pana cotta, apple textures, vanilla

Hot and cold pineapple, Douglas fir pine, goats milk

Come and have a taste, and give me some feedback on here!