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Paul Foster


Posted on 22 Jul 2012 at 11:31

It has been a while since I have blogged anything, I'm not making excuses but with Great britsh menu, getting married, being busy at the restaurant and also have a big staff change around in my kitchen, I just havent found the time...... but now I have 5 minutes I thought I would do a small blog.

I was out yesterday picking one of my favourite foraged items meadowsweet, this was shown to me a while back by Miles Irving. The flavour can best be described as simlar to Tonka bean. It can be found along river banks at this time of year, the season is very short an it tends to come up as elderflower is starting to finish.

As I had my camera with me I though I would take some nice shots of it, and some of the cows that followed me fo an hour wherever i was picking.

It is these rare alone times i feel most creative and I start to think about new dishes. Loads of ideas were running through my head so I took the the meadowsweet straight back to the kitchen and worked on a new dish. The final dish will be on the menu next week and you can see it in the photos below. I wanted something really fresh clean that shouted summer. The dish is 'Raspberries, celery sorbet, walnut granola, meadowsweet juice'. It does everything I want a dessert to do at this time of year.