Kickstarter, all or nothing - 22 more days

Currently we are on day 8 and on a running total of £18,386.  

Every time I think about it, it dawns on me that I have quit a very good job and taken a massive risk to pursue this project. This is a decision I took after doing lots of research, and I didn’t take it lightly as I really believe Rhiain and I can do this and make a successful restaurant from it.

It has been a very up and down 1st week which has put us through every range of emotion you could imagine. Above all the most daunting thing is that we have 22 days left to hit the £100,000 mark, if we don’t hit it we don’t open our dream restaurant and everyone who has pledged wont get their reward (you wont lose your money though as nothing goes out until 8th March and only if the project is successful) 

One of the best things about this process is the amount of support we have received from friends, family and the industry wide. It shows you who your friends are and who genuinely wants to support you, and anyone who supports us I want to make sure they get value in their reward as our way of saying thank you.

Thanks to you all and please keep spreading the word for the next 22 days.

We can do this.

Look forward to seeing you all at Salt in the near future.

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