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Paul Foster

Kenya Farm Africa visit - Part 1 Afula women

Posted on 08 Sep 2013 at 06:31

My first visit to Africa was an amazing one, shared with some great people; my good friend John Freeman, Ashley Palmer-Watts, Paulo De Tarso, Paul Gwilliams and Jess Mattioli. I have always fancied going on a safari in Africa but I’m glad that my first experience of this huge continent was with Farm Africa, we spent time in villages with the people and it turned out to be one of the most inspiring and moving trips of my whole life.

Before our climb of Kilimanjaro, Farm Africa took us to 2 of the projects they have recently set up. After a long flight to Nairobi we took a connecting flight to Kisumu and visited the Farm Africa office to a very warm welcome and a spot of lunch. The staff at the office gave us more details about how they operate and work closely with the farmers and aqua shops to support the future of fish farming in eastern Africa. We drove two hours to meet the Afula women who earlier this year had constructed a fish pond on their farm with the help of a small amount of passionate British ladies in the “Dig for good” campaign. As we arrived I wasn’t ready for the welcome we were about to receive. We hadn’t even got out of the cars and the ladies were singing and dancing to celebrate our arrival. What an amazing way to be greeted into their village. The ladies showed us the new fish pond and talked dearly and emotionally about how important it was for the future of their community. We met the local children who were quite reserved at first but after ten minutes they were all posing for photos and amazed by the results on the back of our cameras. Meeting these amazing people in their village took me totally out of my comfort zone of the UK. In comparison to our lives over here they have nothing, but their spirit is unbelievable and hugely inspiring. I left the village feeling very moved and at the same time energised by their spirit. After a long 36 hours of personal travel I landed in my bed at around 9.00pm (earliest bed time in years) yet I couldn’t sleep as my eyes had been opened so wide that day.

See photos below and then read my next blog about another inspiring day in Kenya

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Afula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula womenAfula women