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Paul Foster

Its that Michelin time again

Posted on 14 Dec 2010 at 07:22

It is that time of year again, The excitement grips most of the industry and the chinese whispers fly round............

.....but lets face it nobody knows what is gonna happen. Michelin are great at keeping secrets and holding there cards close to there chest. That is what makes them so revered, and all the tips and hints add to the excitement.

Im not going to start giving tips for stars ect, but based on my dining experiences over the past year i just want to talk about some places i really feel worthy of recognition. So purely based on my opinion here is a small selection of places I have dined over the year.........

Viajante........... You only have to read my previous blog to see how much I enjoyed my two visits to Nuno Mendez stunning east end restaurant. The best and most interesting restaurant to open in london for years.

Sat Bains......... With out a Biased opinion, Restaurant Sat Bains is past knocking on the door of two stars. He and the team are there and have been for some time.

Alimentum...... Fantastic food, very well executed. I had a great tasting menu at lunch time here. Very refreshing for the centre of Cambridge to have such a fine restaurant other than Midsummer house. Got to get something soon especially with the other recognition (The Good food guide).

Midsummer House.......... Two stars for a few years now, I made my first visit this year. The food and service were flawless, has to be on the border of three stars.

Fat Duck........ Stays as it is. Need I say more.

Some of the other brilliant meals I have had recently are Texture, Sienna, l'enclume, Murano, Sketch, Harwood arms, Hand and flowers. Many many highlights and many more to try. It shows the huge diversity we have in this country, and how strong we are in culinary terms.