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Paul Foster

Farm Africa football THE RULES

Posted on 24 Jul 2013 at 08:29


The Ball

A size 5 football will be used for the men’s, women’s and U16s fixtures; size 4 for U10s and U12s; size 3 for U7s and U9s.

Number of players

5 players on the pitch at any one time
Teams of 7 (5 players, 2 subs)

Playing Equipment

Players must wear shin guards and goalkeepers must wear a distinguishable playing strip.

Playing Rules

There is no offside. Over head height is allowed. No players are allowed within the penalty areas for all players. Goalkeepers are not allowed out of the area and can handle the ball only in the penalty area.

Fouls & Misconduct

All free kicks are direct, with the opposing team at least five yards from the ball. A free kick will be awarded if the goalkeeper touches the ball with their hands after it has been deliberately kicked to them by a team mate; or after they have received it directly from a throw in taken by a team mate. For these two offences the free kick should be taken 8 yards from the goal line, at the nearest point to the offence. In the event of a penalty kick being awarded – the kick will be taken 1 yard inside the penalty area and may ONLY be taken by a player on the field of play at the time it is awarded.


A goal can not be scored directly from a throw-in. The ball must be delivered from behind and over the head using both hands, with both feet in contact with the ground, on or behind the touchline.

Goal Kick

A player of the defending team kicks the ball from any point within the penalty area. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area and at least 5 yards from where the kick is taken.

Retreat Line (U7s and U9s only)

For goal kicks the opposition players must retreat to the half way line until the ball has been kicked.

Corner Kicks

Opposing players must remain five yards from the ball until in play.

All other rules are as the Laws of Association Football


The tournament is all about enjoyment of the game and having fun! In cases of poor behaviour, the referees will be enforcing the following:


If a player receives a yellow card during a game, they will immediately be sent to the SIN BIN for 3 minutes. This will be timed by the referee and the player will not return onto the field of play until the 3 minutes is up and after the referee allows him/her to do so. The player in the sin bin can not be replaced by another player during the 3 minutes.
An off-the-field offence considered as a yellow card will result in the player not participating in the following game.

If a player receives a red card or two yellow cards in any one match; they will not be permitted to play any further part in this tournament.
An off-the-field offence considered as a red card will result in the player not participating in the remainder of the tournament.

Any serious offence will be reported to the Cambridgeshire Football Association for possible further action.

We want to reiterate that poor behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated in this tournament and the referees’ decisions are final.

Men’s, women’s and U16 girls competitions only

Group Stages
Points shall be awarded in the following way:
WIN = 3 points DRAW = 1 point DEFEAT = 0 points

If teams are on equal points, progression will be determined in the following order:
o Goal difference
o Goals scored
o Result of the game when two teams met
o Penalty shoot out – 3 each then sudden death

Game times

League games - 12 minutes

Quarter and semi finals - 15 minutes

Final - 20 minutes

3rd place play off - 10 minutes