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Paul Foster

Duck hearts, carrot, quince, mugwort

Posted on 19 Dec 2012 at 10:04

This is a dish I had on the menu last year, it is perfect for a tasting menu in autumn/winter. It has all of the comforting components that you need in these seasons but it is still very light and clean.

The duck hearts are trimmed and sinew is removed, pan fried and glazed in a sauce to order, it’s very important that they are served rare. The carrot is a puree made by cooking the carrot in its own juice, and then the carrot slices are pickled in a mugwort vinegar. For the quince I used a method shown to me by John Freeman (head chef at Restaurant Sat Bains and all round legend of a guy). The quince is thinly sliced and baked in butterscotch then pressed. To finish the dish is candid hazelnut for some texture and ground ivy which has a mint/sage flavour.

The photo was taken by www.johnarandharablackwell.co.uk or @th3photographer on twitter.

duck heart, quince, carrot