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Paul Foster

Duck egg, ribwort plantain, blackpudding granola, apple

Posted on 18 May 2013 at 07:05

Ribwort, one of my favourite wild ingredients came sprouting through in our meadows this week, as I was picking it and thinking of dishes I thought I would blog whatever I created as it is such an unusual ingredient. It is something that everybody knows is there but never takes any notice of. I bet most kids have pulled the buds off when playing on the grass exactly as I did, or knotted the stem pulled sharply on it to shoot the bud off!!

Two years ago Miles Irving introduced me to ribwort, and we had a lengthy discussion about its possibilities. We both agreed that as the texture is unpleasant it would be best used for infusions. It has a flavour profile very similar to the elusive cep mushroom so thought it would come out great as a veluté. I went back to the kitchen to work on it and we were both equally amazed by the result. I very rarely use cream in my cooking but for this recipe I felt it needed some decadence, so adapted a classic chicken stock and cream reduction by using milk as well to lighten it up.

This dish I have just put on with Ribwort is a starter that is rich yet still light and clean tasting. The veluté is served with a slow cooked duck egg (al a Sat Bains), black pudding granola using Lancashire black pudding and buckwheat flakes, salted granny smith apple to cut through all the freshness, and leaves from a local lime tree as they have a very fresh neutral flavour.
See the photos below of the dish and the process, (they were taken on my phone so aren’t the best quality)

Duck egg, ribwortDuck egg, ribwortDuck egg, ribwortDuck egg, ribwortDuck egg, ribwortDuck egg, ribwort