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Paul Foster

Denham Estate

Posted on 24 Nov 2010 at 01:14

This is the Estate where I get my Fallow Deer, and lamb from. It is five minutes down the road in a car. It couldnt get much more local unless I rugby tackled one of the nearby wild Deer and wrestled it to ground using an rear naked choke UFC style.

One split shift I took all the boys in the kitchen up to the estate and we were shown around by Neil the estate manager. It is a fantastic self sufficent estate with its own abattoir and butchery and delivery guys. I was surprised at how small the team was considering the size of the estate and the amount of live stock. Yet it is still managed very efficiently. 

After the show around the estate and abattoir Alan the butcher gave us a little demo. He took apart a whole deer quicker than i have seen before, it was good to look at some cuts I have never used. He is truely a skillfull butcher, and really loves what he does.

Photos below...........

ps the apple juice is amazing, from apples grown on the estate.

Denham EstateDenham EstateDenham EstateDenham EstateDenham EstateDenham EstateDenham Estate