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Paul Foster

Chilled mushroom tea

Posted on 24 Dec 2012 at 12:52

Mushroom tea sounds very simple and basic but I wanted to get the purest flavour I could using the least amount of ingredients as possible. For this tea I used three ingredients, button mushrooms, salt and water. To achieve purity of flavour it is really important to focus on the ingredients, why you are using them, respect them and treat them with love and care. Over complication of technique for the sake of it and over manipulation without care can cause you to lose sight of what really matters FLAVOUR!

Button mushrooms have a great flavour, are very versatile and are quite often overlooked underrated, and under appreciated. With a little time and knowledge it is amazing to see the kind of flavour you can extract from them. 

For this recipe I sliced the buttons thinly as plenty of surface area is important to extract their flavours. Once sliced I dry fried them in a very hot pan without any oil to start them caramelising, the aroma was very nutty. As the waters started to release I added sea salt to help extract the rest of the water, then let this reduce down to nothing on a high heat. When all water was reduced it started to dry fry again. Once I had achieved the colour I wanted I added 4 times the amount of water to the pan, brought it to the boil and covered with cling film tightly, left on a very low heat for 30 minutes and passed through a cloth then placed in the fridge until chilled. The result was an amazing, pure, clean, and clear chilled mushroom tea. 

The flavour of the tea was better than what I had hoped for, intensely mushroomy and light at the same time. I served it to some friends In the restaurant poured at the table with salt baked celeriac pear and hairy bittercress. It went down very well. I am currently working on other types of tea made using this method, I think the dishes and combinations are endless. 

See the photo stages below. 

Mushroom teaMushroom teaMushroom teaMushroom tea


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