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Paul Foster

Bitter chocolate, mugwort tea, semi-dried blueberries

Posted on 30 Dec 2012 at 10:59

This is a dish I had on towards the end of last summer, I actually did this recipe up for the caterer magazine the link is below. The textures of chocolate are a ganache made with single origin 85% chocolate, chocolate soil, cocoa nibs, and a water based mousse similar to the recipe by French chemist Hervé This, which was made famous by Heston. The water based mousse is perfect for my food as what you get is a pure clean chocolate flavour without the fat from cream coating your mouth. The contrast in flavour and texture against the creamy ganache works well. The bitterness from the chocolate is well balanced by the clean, fresh, minty mugwort tea. To add some sweetness the blueberries are blanched in 25% stock syrup then semi-dried under lights or in a de-hydrator, this really concentrates and intensifies the flavour. It is important not to dry the blueberries to far as the will become too sweet and chewy, you want that burst of flavour when you bite into them.

As in some previous blog posts the pictures here were taken by the legend http://www.johnarandharablackwell.co.uk/ or @th3photographer on twitter

Caterer recipe - http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/16/12/2011/341777/bitter-chocolate-chilled-mugwort-tea-semi-dried-blueberries-by-paul-foster.htm

Chocolate, mugwort, blueberriesChocolate, mugwort, blueberriesChocolate, mugwort, blueberries


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